Cayci Ellis

Intuitive Business Coach

How I Can Help...

Everyone is different. Everyone has different skills, goals, and motivations.


Everyone also has different pain, different challenges, and mountains to climb.


There is no plan that is perfect for each person. 


You need someone who is sensitive and receptive to your situation and wants.

Someone that has been through the multiple ups and downs of life, and gets you….for real.


This isn’t traditional coaching because I’m not a traditional coach.

This is Intuitive Coaching, where your business and life is created for you.


I help you find out who you really are, what your influences are, how you are made, and then put that into your action plan for your business.


Doesn’t matter if you’re sick, an introvert, short on time, work full-time,
doesn’t even matter if you don’t think you can do it.


Because you can.


Why do I think that?

Because I did it. 


I built my business my way. After trying to do what everyone else told me to, and trying to change myself to fit in to it all….it all failed.

So I decided to make my own place and I took the scary leap and created what I wanted, how I wanted it.

Life wasn’t perfect, I definitely wasn’t perfect and it was a struggle. But it happened, and it can happen for you.


You deserve everything good.


You deserve to work with someone that uplifts you and supports you being your unique self.


You deserve to work with somone that has experience and education in business that is transparent and doing the work.


Here, you have me as a resource and a guide, to help you build your life on your own terms.


I’ve dealt with hard stuff.


Chronic illnesses, low self-esteem, imposter syndrome, sin, 
poor energy, lacking motivation, family issues, loss of identity (or wearing one I didn’t want).


I get it.


I STILL get it. 


But let me say it again, you deserve everything good. 


I can help you accept that and make it happen, if you let me. 

Here Is What I Can Do For You

  • Find your purpose, your true inner calling
  • Finding a business that is in alignment with your goals
  • Find multiple ways to make money doing your business
  • Create work that suits your needs and is specific to you
  • Build meaningful and authentic relationships with your customers

Here Is What That Looks Like

Get started on the right path. Your issues and blocks will be identified. Then we can really start to plan your path.

This includes finding your real purpose, the type of business to be in.

Then I help you clarify what to offer, how to offer it, finding the right platform, set it up in a way that works for you, and also serve you and your people.

How to match your talents and abilities to different income revenues. This is how to reach your maximum potential!

Again, this is based solely on your situation and circumstances.

How to put your energy (or lack of) into action! 

You can make your own money right where you are at, alongside your health challenges. 

Along with your physical health, we need to make sure your mental and emotional health is in place to make this work.

How to speak, treat, and serve your customers in a way that makes them loyal, engaged, and spending money with you!

"Cayci is my go to advisor. She is honest, straightforward, and calm. Her life has given her unique perspective and her recommendations are always spot on! If you need to be reminded of your mission, purpose, or goal Cayci will get you back on track. She is sharp, witty and can keep up with even the most frazzled thought process. I can't speak highly enough of her as a professional and friend!"
"I got more than what I paid for, and in my coaching she talked about extra things that I was not even expecting. It all resonated with me!"
Nichole d.

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