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As the self-proclaimed “Queen of Connection”, I am an expert in helping people building real, true, and honest relationships with their own team.

Also, my emphasis in Leadership and Motivation helps you to become an effective leader, in your own way.

“In your own way” means address the issues that YOU have that hold you back from serving the way you want to, the way you were designed to.

Once this is addressed, then you are able to help your team be or stay motivated, in a healthy and positive way!
A way that works and keeps working for your people.

Lets not forget about self-love, growth, acceptance, and empathy.  Of course towards your people but also yourself as well.

I am here to help you elevate yourself internally as well as a Leader that can connect and motivate their team. 

Business is about RELATIONSHIPS.

Relationships between you and your people and then your people and their customers.

If you build those relationships, that will make your business grow and be sustainable.

Along with building those connections, I will also be building you.

Breaking bonds that are holding you back. Showing you that you get to choose how to lead in the way that works for you. Accepting yourself as you are, and then aligning yourself to a higher place.

Training, coaching, consulting to be a better leader is one thing, but you have to have the growth that comes along with it.

Effective Leaders lead with love.
Love for their people,
and love for themselves.

Working with me is different. Not only is it based in your professional growth, but also your personal growth, and that of your people.

The Beetles were right when they said, “Love is all you need”.

Love shows up in many ways. Education, training, support, acceptance, empathy, compassion, and growth. 

My goal is to help you become a better person while growing as an effective Leader of your team.


Here Is What I Can Do For You

Here Is What That Looks Like

As an expert in all things customer experience related, building a connection is the most important part of serving others.

So this is where I teach you how to build authentic relationships through an honest and true connection.

This is real, this isn’t ewy and yucky sales techniques. This is about finding honest connections with your people. Seeing them as human, accessing their true self, and leading them through growth. 

Introvert you say? No problem! You have a gift of authenticity, it’s perfect.
Extroverted? Fabulous! Your gift of gab just needs to be focused and it’ll work for you in amazing ways that also make you feel fulfilled.


This is not your grandfathers Leadership course that is out of touch, insensitive, and solely focused on profit.

Leadership is serving your people, being their go-to when they need you. Speaking with love and honesty. Putting your peoples needs at the forefront of their growth (not yours).

Leaders are made, they are not born. You can be trained to be an effective leader that shows up for their people.

Motivation is taught so poorly by many. It’s all about bonuses, money, fame, power…it’s all “motivational junk food”.

And as you can imagine, it doesn’t last long when you’re feeling down and out, worthless, and depressed. That new TV isn’t going to cut it. 

I’m saying to quit dangling the carrot and find the real and true reason of your peoples motivation.

Once that is found, you can address it from there. Is it optimal or suboptimal?  There are different motivational outlooks, where is your team members at?

How do you get them to a healthy motivation? How do you keep them there?

This is all part of the Motivation coaching I talk about. 

In order to create authentic connections, lead your people, and help them find healthy motivation…you have to work on yourself too.

This internal work will help you build real relationships with others as well as yourself.

You can find your triggers, you can break your barriers, find out what you are letting hold you back.

From my years of self-work and healing, I am able to bring you different insight and resources to help facilitate your growth. 

"Cayci is my go to advisor. She is honest, straightforward, and calm. Her life has given her unique perspective and her recommendations are always spot on! If you need to be reminded of your mission, purpose, or goal Cayci will get you back on track. She is sharp, witty and can keep up with even the most frazzled thought process. I can't speak highly enough of her as a professional and friend!"
"I got more than what I paid for, and in my coaching she talked about extra things that I was not even expecting. It all resonated with me!"
Nichole d.

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