Cayci Ellis

Intuitive Business Coach & Consultant

How I Can Help...

As a Customer Engagement Expert and Income Strategist, that means I have a gift (and well practiced skill) for connecting people and creating relationships with them. As well as finding new ways to bring in income where you are at right now.

So get ready for an in-depth view and evaluation of your business.

I will get in there, in the “knitty gritty”, and find where the connection (and disconnection) is between you and your customers.  A happy customer is not silent, neither is a mad one.

Then I will look into your areas of income, and find more.  Multiple streams is always the goal.  And often, you can do it with what you already have at your fingertips.

Business is about RELATIONSHIPS. How you build those is key; learning how to maneuver the interactions is the “make or break” of your business.

Bringing in income in multiple ways is just smart, but you need help to see and execute the opportunities.

And you CAN learn both these skills!

A skill, like anything else, needs to be taught properly and exercised frequently.

I help you make your customers like you,
while you make more money.

But this is different. It’s real. It’s based in care, love, and you being you.


This isn’t about quick bucks. Your customers know if they are just there to give you money, they dont like it either.


This isn’t about the most effective marketing, how to get maximum profit at the cost of your customer either.


This is the relationship between two humans, one just happens to own a business.

Here Is What I Can Do For You

  • Create real and authentic relationships with your customers
  • Find additional ways to bring in income, doing what you're doing
  • Help you identify and break blocks holding you back in your business
  • Make sure your business is working for YOU

Here Is What That Looks Like

Get started on the right path. Your issues and blocks will be identified. Then we can really start to plan how to get where you want to go.

If needed, I can help you clarify what to offer, how to offer it, finding the right platform, set it up in a way that works for you, and also serve you and your people.

How to speak, treat, and serve your customers in a way that makes them loyal, engaged, and spending money with you!

NO MORE old, boring, and irrelevant “Customer Service Training”.  This is relevant, authentic, and honest relationships with your customers.

(From a Gen Y’er lol)

How to match your talents, abilities, and opportunities to find additional income revenues.

This is how to reach your maximum potential!


"Cayci is my go to advisor. She is honest, straightforward, and calm. Her life has given her unique perspective and her recommendations are always spot on! If you need to be reminded of your mission, purpose, or goal Cayci will get you back on track. She is sharp, witty and can keep up with even the most frazzled thought process. I can't speak highly enough of her as a professional and friend!"
"I got more than what I paid for, and in my coaching she talked about extra things that I was not even expecting. It all resonated with me!"
Nichole d.

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