A widely discussed topic among Network Marketers is “The Push”. This is when you have to “push” to get to the next rank.  Typically you are super close to that rank and just need a spike during the current month to get you to that rank.

Most talk is about what actions or activities are involved in “The Push”.  Typically it’s sending out mailers, doing a fun campaign or giveaway, making phone calls, sending private messages, just trying to engage people to make a purchase or another purchase to get you where you need to be in your goals.

The issue is after you do “The Push” you are left right back to where you were last month but now you are closer to LOSING that rank.  So everyone is now saying “But do I have to do The Push again and again? Every month?”  You are blown away by the damn effort it took just to get you where you are now, and you have to do it again?  It was already awkward and annoying trying to get Debbie to purchase one tiny thing and now you gotta keep making rounds every month? People are going to get annoyed and you are going to be embarrassed.  So what do you do? How do people that are in high-ranks making this happen?

Here is where the disconnect lies.  “The Push” IS your job.  This isn’t just a “lay back and watch the money come in” type of business.  No business is that forever anyways.  Sure you may have episodes where the money really is coming in when you sleep, but there is ALWAYS going to be effort that has to be put out in order for you to get a return.  No one in high-ranks just sits there and has been sitting there the whole time, it just doesn’t happen that way.

So what is the “new” Push consist of?  Every month you should have activities planned for you and your team.  You should be furthering education every month, having new classes for newbies, having informative classes for possible new signups, following up with your monthly order folks, sending out thank you cards, engaging everyone on your FB page…this IS “The Push”!

By continuing to do this every month (remember, this is what you should be doing every month) you won’t have to have an extreme push to reach rank.  Now did you see I said “extreme”?  There still may be a time where you might need a small push to get rank, and it’s the perfect time to do a giveaway or a drawing or have an extra class to get there.  But it shouldn’t have to be balls-to-the-wall to get there UNLESS you plan to do balls-to-the-wall each month.

Now go get that rank girl!