This graphic made me laugh because we all have been there.  Needing help, feeling frustrated and the timer on our phone is ticking away.  We hear this and just roll our eyes.

We all understand the reps are on calls with other customers, we know we have to wait in line like everyone else. So why are we so frustrated and so annoyed with that specific comment of “Your call is important to us”?

The reason is because we don’t feel important.  If our call was so important then the company would have enough employees staffed to take the calls immediately and not have to have anyone placed on hold.  If they didn’t have the staff then they would be pulling managers, supervisors, and trainers onto the floor to take excess calls.  Or they would re-route some of the calls to go to another center so no one would have to wait.

THAT is what shows me I am important to you.  You “busting ass” to make sure you take my call.  Because remember, you are working because I am a customer.

So how does this relate to your customers?  They need to be shown they are #1 priority to you.  That means when they need help, you respond and you do it promptly with a smile on your face.

Put yourself in a customer role;  if you have an issue and you know that someone is willing to help you, friendly, and is not going to waste your time then automatically your stress level decreases and it doesn’t turn into something you dread.  In fact, you may look forward to getting help because the interaction will be so positive and your problem will be resolved in an easy way.  Can you image your customer HAPPY to have a problem?!

It’s not that difficult.  Always be ready to help, and always always always apologize for them even needing help in the first place.  This isn’t accepting blame for anything.  It is you accepting responsibility for their experience and taking initiative to solve their problem.

Responding that way will keep your customer for life.  As long as they stay away from Jack Nicholson…..