It’s so easy to get caught up in memes that just make everything simple and easy to understand. It’s so easy! Then we nod our heads, share it so everyone can see, and we feel a sense of peace that a complex or controversial topic really just comes down to 1 simple explanation.

Here is the problem with that, it’s not simple. Life is not simple. The world is not black and white. We live in a world full of grey and lots of rainbows. There is usually more than 2 sides to every story as well. There is an entire LIFETIME of stories behind someone. A entire separate life sometimes that has built people. So to oversimplify everything into just 1 sentence is absolutely NOT doing any justice for these issues.

So why do we do it? Cause it’s easy and most people respond to easy.  It’s so easy to make things good or bad, black or white, right or wrong. It’s so easy! And when faced with a complex problem it is human nature to try and simplify it as much as possible. Then we can make the best decision based on that. It’s not crazy, it’s human! We are simply responding to what comes quickly and easiest to us. So there should be no shame in your game if you do this, we all do it or have done it before. The goal here is to take a second to really think before you oversimplify an issue, and look at all the sides.

The problem is that these amazing and complex issues deserve to have time, energy, thought, and arguments over them so everyone can learn them. It’s not always about resolving problems, sometimes it’s just about educating and trying to move forward while accepting it’s not perfect. But people don’t like to do that because it makes them uncomfortable, they have to be unsettled, and they are forced to have to think in a complex manner.

Complex thinking is not fun for me. I’ve had chemo brain for the past 7 years. I can’t count how many drugs were pumped through my body, if I had to guess it was probably more than 20 chemotherapy drugs. Not to mention radiation and two transplants. So my brain doesn’t always work as quickly as it used to. And trying to solve a complex problems sometimes seems absolutely exhausting, it’s the last thing my brain wants to do. So having to break down a complex problem takes time, energy, it brings out emotions that aren’t fun or enjoyable, and then sometimes we are still left with some upheaval because we still don’t have a simple answer.

So I get it, it’s hard! But it is worth it. Let’s create a world where every person, subject, topic, gets a chance to be heard and to be worked on, not always worked out. Let’s move foward, always, and give justice to these major issues.