Since I work at home, everyday is “bring your pet to work day”. I’m cool with it, because having an injection of furry love throughout the day is exactly what I need to keep my mindset where it needs to be.

For me, the best mindset is in a place of compassion, gratitude, love, and service.

Nope, I don’t look awesome today. And I could easily avoid taking pictures or doing videos because I may not be “presentable” according to many peoples opinions (including my own).

But action is really the only way to make anything better. We just have to take action even when there are so may “reasons” as to why we shouldn’t.

I should do a video today – but I look like crap.
Crap is subjective, you are you always. Do it anyways.

I should record a live today – but I’m hacking up a storm and that’s annoying.
Welcome to life and allergies, do it anyways.

I should run an ad but I still don’t know my target exactly.
Doing nothing guarantees nothing, do it anyways.

I want to go to the gym but people get on my nerves.
Everyone gets on everyones nerves and I won’t even remember them next week. Do it anyways.

It’s OK to not want to do things and to have fears about it. That’s humans, no shame there.

But the truth of the matter is that we just have to do it anyways.

Be yourself even when you don’t want to, do it anyways ♥