I took a quiz yesterday from a widely known Freelancer website. One area I was scored on was regarding my “Interpersonal Office Skills”.

Now, since I study and teach about Leadership, Service, Engagement, Empathy, and building the relationship between Companies and Employees…..you would figure I’d get an awesome score right?

Nope! I got a 62%! That’s a D.

So, what does this mean?

The questions posed were obviously company vs. customer and/or company vs. employee.

1. They asked for ways to avoid giving raises when an employee asks for one.

2. They asked for ways to stop a customer from getting what they wanted when upset. They preferred “firm” over “polite”.

3. They wanted employees to “avoid conversations in the cafeteria” when the overall goal was to build internal relationships.

Now, these are not uncommon practices.  These practices are alive and well my friends.

What is uncommon is being PRO-customer, being PRO-employee.

What is uncommon is being ON your customers side. Being ON your employees side.

Even better, realizing there ARE NO SIDES!

So honestly, I was a little upset that my score was that high!

What does this show us?

This shows that organizations are still SCARED and THREATENED by their people.

How in the world are businesses going to really serve their customers and their employees if they are constantly trying to battle them and play these childish power games?

It shows that we still have a lot of work to do.Screenshot (11)_LI

Cayci Ellis