question doesn’t really surprise me anymore.  People ask this quite often in the business world.  They don’t really understand why I put so much weight on leaders connecting with their team, and their team connecting with their customers.
So many think it’s about sales techniques and good marketing, or presenting an image of kindness and helpfulness that really isn’t backed up. I think we all have an experience where we went to a business and they didn’t seem as good or as nice as the commercial may have said or we went to an interview where everyone was great and then 6 months later we hate our job because our boss is crap.
I teach connection because I believe it’s the #1 reason why your team will work their ass off when they don’t want to, and the reason people will come to your business. Connection is more than money and output; it’s a relationship and it actually means something.
People need to be heard; they need to be understood. And that need doesn’t stop at the front door, that need extends to all avenues of their lives. So instead of serving your team and your customers in the store, we need to also be serving them in their life.
The way that happens in through connection. Connection is understanding, listening, empathizing, showing care, and speaking with love. It creates trust which helps build this authentic relationship.
When you create this authentic relationship with people, things become more personal and even more intimate.  To where they now want to help, serve, buy, and engage with you.
Similar to dating someone. When you build that honest and true relationship you get a connection that makes you want to invest in the other person.
Same goes here too.
Leaders need to connect to their team. Show them this is a safe place where they will be heard, respected, and honored with what they need.
People need to connect to their customers for the exact same reasons. We want out customers to be heard, respected, and honored with what they need.
So overall, connection is important because it’s an ultimate need of ours that must start making its way into business for us to be successful.