Hey everyone, as you already know, I’m Cayci Ellis! Woo!

I am an Energy & Income Strategist and have been helping entrepreneurs and small biz owners put their energy (or lack of) into action!

My story isn’t easy, or necessarily fun. 

I’m a 6x cancer survivor, of Hodgkins Lymphoma and Thyroid Cancer. It’s gotten pretty serious. If you have heard me speak then you know, it’s pretty intense.

I literally built my business FROM MY HOSPITAL BED!

Yep, that’s me rockin my hospital gown. Heart monitor cords thrown over my shoulder, a catheter sticking out of my neck, picc line in my arm. And about this time I had a hemoglobin of about 5. 

My husband brought me my laptop, mouse, and my printer/scanner in the background.

Many people say “Cayci, why were you working when you should have been healing?”

I understand. But their presumption was that work was stressful and not a part of their being. I’m an Entrepreneur, in my spirit. Part of my healing was being able to do my work. My morale was boosted, I felt of service, and it helped me keep my identity through my treatment. 

You aren't your diagnosis.

It’s a part of you, sure. But it’s NOT you. 

You have every right and opportunity  to run your business in a way that works for you.

That’s what I’m here to do, make your business suit you in whatever way it can, wherever you are at. 

I can help you, if you let me.

Cayci runs two Etsy shops, an Airbnb, and is a Business Consultant.
Her education is in Organizational Leadership.
She currently teaches online at CPD Formula and via Skillshare.
Cayci's webinars are focused on Motivation, Leadership, and Customer Engagement. All using modern research and engaging techniques.
Cayci speaks online and in-person in different groups, conferences, and settings.
She is married to Luke, resides in beautiful Kansas, and is the momma to 5 bad cats.

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