Hey everyone, as you already know, I’m Cayci Ellis! 

I am an Intuitive Business Coach and Consultant, specializing in Customer Engagement and Income Strategy.

I have been helping people like you build great relationships with your customers and make more money while doing it.

My story isn’t easy, or necessarily fun. 

I started my own business after being let go from my 9-5 job due to my cancer treatment.

The next 8 years were full of therapy, remission, recurrences, transplants, you name it.

I kept working and building my business, I never stopped.

I made a lot of mistakes, questioned myself, doubted it all, and broke my own heart a few times.

Thankfully now I’m in a place where I get to teach and show you how to make your business work for you. Using current, realistic, and authentic skills to connect with your people and make your business actually work while you actually enjoy it.

I can help you, if you let me.

Cayci runs two Etsy shops, an Airbnb, and is an Intuitive Business Coach.
Her education is a B.S. in Organizational Leadership.
She currently teaches online at Skillshare.
Cayci's webinars are focused on Customer Engagement, Income Strategies, Motivation, and Leadership.
Cayci speaks online and in-person in different groups, conferences, and settings.
She is married to Luke, resides in beautiful Kansas, is an INFJ and Enneagram 4, Gemini, drives a hot rod, and is the momma to 5 bad cats.

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