Cayci Ellis is an innovative and modern voice in the Leadership community.

She believes in the importance of authentic and personal connections in business. 

All success is made through teamwork, trust,  authenticity, and empathy.

She offers a communication link between different generations by connecting modern and conventional customer service techniques.

The Experience:
Education in Organizational Leadership
Associates of Applied Sciences
Certificates in Human Resources, Management, and Leadership

Two decades of experience in Customer Service including Training and Quality Control

What Really Matters:
An Advocate personality type, Cayci’s strengths are in building connection, furthering education, being open to differences, and being passionate about the importance of relationships.

She is a passionate speaker, which is obvious in her webinars and social media.
Her service and passion is to help people connect.

She believes it’s all about the interpersonal application of learned actions that can launch people into their highest level of success.

Her life experience has given her an astounding ability to relate to many people.

The Real Person:
Cayci was born and raised in Kansas, where she still resides.
She is married to Luke who is hard-working, unbelievably kind, and full of faith.
She has 4 bad cats: Rocky, Apollo, Shelby, and Drago. You will most likely see them “helping” her on her FB page.  Her and Luke occassionally foster kittens too.

She is a young adult Cancer Survivor who built her business while going through treatments.
She supports several Cancer Charities as well as the ASPCA and Humane Society.
She loves 80’s Soft Rock, reading and researching, listening to podcasts, drinking fancy iced teas, camping, and traveling.

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