My friend,

I know exactly what it’s like. Feeling sick, tired, alone, scared, and guilty. 

Sick and tired because of the treatments. Alone because everyone else was out living their lives. Scared because I didn’t know what the hell was going to happen to me. And guilty because of the huge bills each month because of me and I couldn’t do a damn thing about it.

All that was horrible. But honestly, the worst part for me was feeling like my life was just passing me by.  Everything I wanted to do for me and my family was just a dream, I didn’t expect it to happen anymore and neither did anyone else.

I felt so guilty and sad because I was so derailed because of my illness. When I had the courage to voice what I was feeling, everyone kept telling me “at least you’re alive, Cayci.”

Well yes, I’m grateful I’m alive but life is more than just breathing. 

Life is also about work, persistence, involvement, struggles and wins.  Doing what you WANT to do.  Doing what you CAN do.  Doing what you were BORN to do. 

Doing what MAKES YOU, YOU.

Aren’t you fed up?!  Are you done with the low expectations from other people and the days passing just “recovering”?

Are you over everything being done TO you?  Now it’s time to to do things FOR yourself. 

Now it’s time to invest in you, your future, and those you love.

So what if your future is short or long. So what if it’s “undetermined”. Wasn’t it always?

If you are ever going to walk in alignment with who you really are, and who you were meant to be….it’s NOW.

Do it.

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