1.Leadership is a ______________________________. It is NOT a _________________ or ___________________.


2. Without ____________________, leadership doesn’t exist.


3. Leadership occurs in ______________________, that have a common purpose.


4. Leadership involves ______________________ goals.


Define Leadership:


Leadership is a ________________ or ________________.



Some leaders are _________________________ or _____________________. Like Plant Managers, Directors, Administrators, etc.

Others are ___________________________ leaders; typically the most influential member of a group.

Everyone WANTS to be led.


Leadership and Power

Power is the capability or potential to influence peoples _________________, _________________, and _______________________.
ex: Ministers, Doctors, Coaches, Teachers.



How to Be a Leader:

1.Do what you say you will do


2.Be the example


3. Commit to Improve


4.Promote Engagement




6. Making Decisions


7.Caring for your team


*Be sure to watch my FB Vid about this


8. Be a problem solver


How to find other leaders

-what are the actions that your specific team could exhibit as a potential leader?



Action Steps:
1. Define the common goal. What do you need to happen? What is your WHY?


2. Action steps to

get there



3. Educating team members



4. Follow up and follow through Responsibility for results





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