Leadership 101 – Webinar

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It’s easy to get overwhelmed when considering personal growth but simply by being here, you are committing to improving your communication skills.

Whether you are a natural-born leader looking for a refresher course or are interested in honing some new skills, this twenty-minute presentation on leadership will get a fire started under you.

Together, we’ll discuss the truths and fallacies that plaque personal growth and leadership trainings and challenge you to define what type of leader you want to be.


As with all my trainings, my presentations are backed by my education in Organizational Leadership and extensive experience in Management, Employee Quality Control, Employee Training, Small Business Ownership (Online and Physical), and High School Athletics Coach.

Training details at a glance:

Title:  Leadership 101

Length: 55 minutes

Format: Mp4 Video viewed via password. Password is sent via download with your order confirmation. Lifetime, online access. Sharing of links is punishable by law.

Bonus! This FREE presentation also includes a complimentary Worksheet detailing the major notes of the presentation and helpful hints, so you’ll be confident exploring our other trainings with these techniques acting as a strong, foundation for future personal growth.


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