The Motivation Method

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This Motivation Method Webinar Series will help you learn about the common pitfalls of motivating employees and how to do better:
  1. Learn the difference between poor and optimal motivation
  2. Understand why most motivation techniques are short-lived and how to create long lasting improvements
  3. Help your people find the real motivation inside themselves
  4. Identify barriers of optimal motivation and how to keep going when the going gets tough
  5. Reevaluate your own sources of motivation and become a champion for others

Trust me, you’re going to be amazed by how much you learn when you open up to the possibilities of positive motivation.

By the end of this presentation, you’ll finally be able to dismiss laziness from your vocabulary and embrace new heights of productivity for yourself and your team.



As with all my trainings, my presentations are backed by my education in Organizational Leadership and extensive experience in Management, Customer Service, Employee Quality Control, Employee Training, Small Business Ownership (Online and Physical) and former High School Athletics Coach.

Training details at a glance:

Title: The Motivation Method Webinar Series

Length: 4:55:00

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Bonus! Your purchase includes my complimentary Worksheet detailing the major notes of the presentation and helpful hints, so you and your team can make the most of your experience.