The products, resources, groups, sites, and all the little things I use and believe in.

Kolbe Test – The Kolbe Index is unique. It does not measure intelligence, personality or social style. It measures the instinctive ways you take action when you strive.

Nicole Walters, Monetize Myself – A great resource for business beginners ready to make multiple sources of income.

Skillshare– Start teaching what you know and make money each month! Get 2 months free with this link.

ClickFunnels – Must have for your private site, get it.

Appointment Calendar & Scheduling – Track your Coaching and Appointments and process all payments easily, totally hands-off

Handmade Journey Academy – For my Etsy and Handmade @ Amazon peeps

AirBnB Host Referral – Easy and fun way to make a good side-income. Been a member since 2014!

Erin Condren – You even plan bruh?!

Bitcoin – HODL 🙂

Secret Shopping – Super easy way to get extra income and local freebies! Been a member since 2013!

Recycling Points – for curbside recyling, makes me feel good about myself 😀

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