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The Motivation Method was created specifically for leaders in Network Marketing and Direct Sales, those that want to build their business the right way and
stop their downline  from being co-dependent, lazy, and damaging the whole organization. 

It was created to get those lazy, whiney-ass team members to stop crying,
playing the blame-game, and GET TO WORK!!!


Leaders like you feel this month after month

You are desperate, annoyed, pissed, and ashamed to feel it.
I know you are and I totally get it!

Here is what everyone is thinking but isn’t saying-

“Why won’t my people DO ANYTHING?”

“When will I get to STOP BABYSITTING my downline and finally have them

“Why do they want me to do EVERYTHING?!”

“WHY do I not have any Leaders that will STEP UP and JUST DO IT!?”

You think it’s your responsibility to fix them.

As a Leader, part of it is! You should be serving your people.

But really, this issue has been created and fed for a long time.
Way before you.

You think you need to keep coming up with wild and wacky ways to beg your people to stay active and engaged with you. You have to beg them to be motivated or find out what motivates them.

Because if you didn’t then they would do nothing.

That means you weren’t going to hit your metrics because your people weren’t motivated to order, recruit, sign-up, hold classes, or close deals.
Work, they weren’t willing to work.

But WORSE, you are now having to bottle-feed these grown-ass people to get them to do ANYTHING.

Each month the bottle needs to be filled up more, given to them more often, they are hungrier and hungrier for that bottle of co-dependency.

I know you love your people and you want to serve them. 

That’s why The Motivation Method was created, because it was time to
stop spending precious energy, money, and sanity
on feeding your people junk food incentives, and being at their call 24/7,
every month to get them to do anything!

It’s time that someone FINALLY SPEAKS about how to STAY motivated!

Finding your WHY
doesn’t do it
Pumped up music
doesn’t do it
Vision boards
don’t do it
Inspirational stories
don’t do it

To be motivated in a healthy and effective way, means MORE than finding your why, it’s MORE than feel-good posts and stories, it’s BEYOND inspiration.

It’s getting your values and purpose in alignment with the work.

And when times get tough, and they don’t want to work anymore, 
I teach the skills for them to get back to that alignment of values and purpose.

No more begging and pleading for them to order every month, or to attend meetings and classes, or to sign up new members.  When that’s what they should be doing anyways.

It’s time to start LOVING your people instead of trying to BRIBE them and take over their business.

That involves aligning their motivation, values, and purpose with the work they do.
And teaching them the skills on how to stay in-tune with that, everyday.

When your people are motivated in a healthy way and in alignment with their work duties and goals, they are MUCH more likely to be independent, seeking their own answers, and engaged with you and their team members.

Stop throwing out bait (money, trips, products, coupons) to get them to respond and then being available to them 24/7. Your phone shouldn’t be attached to you with an umbilical cord.

They are ready to be in a better place, we all want to be in a better place.

They want to be loved, appreciated, part of a community, and honored.

And now it’s your responsibility to help them get to those goals and release yourself and help them grow up.

The Three Steps to Getting Your People Off Their Ass:

1. Find out where they are on the Spectrum of Motivation.
Addressing their Appraisal Process – Psychological Needs (ARC)

2. Shift to an Optimal State of Motivation
Power of Why – 3 things NOT to do and 3 things TO DO

3. Reflect & Review
Self-Regulation (MVPs)
Consistent Assessment with Team Members

The Motivational Method
is a 4+ hour Webinar Series
that is going to get you the EXACT steps you need
to take to help you get yourself and your people
in the optimal state of motivation to GET IT DONE!

The Motivation Method Webinar Series

by Cayci Ellis
one-time payment

  • The Motivation Method Webinar, 3 Part Series ($432 value)
  • Live Q&A’s with Cayci ($97 value)
  • Lifetime Access to BONUS Video Content ($97 value)

Learn about the common pitfalls of  people who try to
“motivate” their people:

 1. Learn the difference between poor (money, fame, shame)
and optimal motivation (alignment of values and purpose)

 2. Understand why most “motivation techniques”
(bribes, incentives, shame, guilt, inspirational quotes, vision boards)
 don’t work and how to create long lasting improvements

 3. Help your people find the real motivation inside themselves
(“real” isn’t what you think it is…)

 4. Identify barriers of optimal motivation and how to keep going when the going gets tough (no one talks about that, do they?)

 5 . Reevaluate your own motivation and become a champion for others

What this webinar is NOT

A mixture of “feel good” messages that really aren’t doing anything

Lovey, dovey, hand-holding strategies that again, aren’t really doing anything

Taught by someone who doesn’t get it but thinks that positive and heartwarming content will get you a money-making business

What this webinar IS

Real, researched information backed by kick-ass people

A real conversation about the stuff that is tough, emotional, and messy

Taught by someone who GETS IT, LIVES IT, and LOVES IT

Taught by a woman that is educated in Organizational Leadership, Management and Human Resources. Who also has a successful Etsy shop, is a Small Business Owner (and seller), previous Collegiate Athlete and High School Athletics Coach,  is a successful Entrepreneur, and has a true and honest love of serving others.

“Great lesson on basics for soft skills for how to help customers when something goes wrong (because it ultimately will). Cayci’s passion is absolutely infectious.”
Gerardo P
“Great lesson for us working in the customer service..emphasis on mirroring the customer tone and resolving the original issue the customer contacted initially.”
Junelyn C.
“Easy, simple to follow and understand the basics”
Robin H.
“Listen, Apply and grow … This training is really good and should be used by anyone working with customers no matter your current role.”
Frederick V.