4 Steps to Keeping in Business During Crazy Times

An hour long course on the 4-steps to help you keep your business afloat, your customers engaged, and more money coming in during this crazy pandemic.

Steps are easy, effective, and able to be put in place NOW!
Stop spending money on expensive courses and business coaches. You don’t need it right now.

Keep it simple, follow the steps, do the work. Watch your business stay stable and grow!

Your customers want to spend money with you, let them!

Includes downloadable worksheets so you can track your progress and success.

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Energy Into Action WEBINAR

This webinar will take you through the simple 3 step process to transform your energy (or lack of) into action!
These are the exact steps and processes that took me 8 years to perfect. Tried and true folks!
No matter what health limitations you have, you are able to build your business exactly how it works for you.

You are ready for this, you are capable of this and more!

Includes a pdf printable with viewing info and room for notes.
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Energy Into Action Audio Series

Over an hour of action-focused steps to transform your Energy (or lack of) into Action.

Get ready to get into the resistance of your mind, what it means, and what it does.
Here you will redefine your goals, build new strategies, and release the harmful emotions that are holding you back.

Includes downloadable worksheets so you can track your progress and success.


The Motivation Method Series

This 4+ hour webinar series will take you to places you’ve never been before in terms of the study of Motivation and how it affects you and your team.
This is not old, stuck-up teaching. No cheerleaders here either.
This is for those that want modern, proactive, and effective insight into motivation .
Motivating your people doesn’t work, and it’s not because they are lazy either.
Until recently, no one has taken the time to study it and create an action plan to help their people and get their best, consistently.
Includes notes and action plans.

Mad Customers and How to Deal with Them

The ultimate course on how to be friendly and professional with your difficult customers.

Insight into the opportunities to serve and build relationships as well as how to avoid creating bad feedback and reviews.

No more freaking out and wanting to quit when a difficult customer comes your way!


Leadership 101: Easy Steps to Becoming a Great Leader

Great beginner information that is helpful, effective, and an academic view into Leadership.

Perfect for new Leaders!

Includes notes and worksheets.


How to Build an Effective Team

This 1+ hour webinar is for all you Leaders and Team Builders out there!

Professional, researched, corporate strategies for building teams that are effective.

Perfect for Network Marketers, MLMs, and Corporate Leaders.

Find Your Purpose, Your Inner Light

Are you tring to find your purpose? Are you completely lost on what youre even good at? Do you need some guidance?

As an Intuitive Coach, I can help you find the path and purpose to your work. The path to take to find fulfillment.

Get your arrow pointed in the right direction, and then let it fly!

This 25 minute service is a recorded audio file specific to you.

Purchase this BEFORE the Business Plan service.


Online Shop Review!

This extensive shop review will give you an in-depth insight to your shop from the eye of a seasoned shop owner and potential customer.
You will know what your customer sees, how they think, and their response to your shop.
Pricing, layout, colors and your overal theme and purpose are all important and will be covered.
But most importantly, how does this make your customer feel?
As a 5 year Etsy shop owner veteren, I have taken 2 shops to success. One over 1,000+ sales and both with a consistent 5 star review rating.
As a Customer Engagement Exper, I will find how to speak to your people and portray your message to create a relationship.
Relationships mean sales and engagement in and out of your shop.
I can help make this happen for you, if you let me!