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“I wasn’t really looking to purchase the day of this purchase, but for some reason something kept bringing me to her. I flipped back and forth between a few of her options. I have had TONS before… I will indeed say that I am EXTREMLY pleased with my purchase. This was the perfect for me and exactly just what I needed to get me through some life challenges. I landed on this one for a reason and now I know why!”
Amanda K.
“Great lesson on basics for soft skills for how to help customers when something goes wrong (because it ultimately will). Cayci’s passion is absolutely infectious.”
Geraldo P.
“great lesson for us working in the customer service..emphasis on mirroring the customer tone and resolving the original issue the customer contacted initially.”
Junelyn C.
“Amazing…I love her style, her passion. Worth way more! Some things I already knew and some I am going to do more research. Gave me a lot of thing to think about. Will definitely go to her again.”
Kim S.
“WOW!!!!!That was amazing! I resonated SO much with what you were saying… I just connected with it so much! Especially about being dedicated to your true path, and not really going with the norm.
Thank you so much I’m excited to research more!”
Jillian W.
“Thank you, really. One of those that feels most genuine and accurate to me.”
Kaylah J.